Land Care Robot ® Specifications

Attachments and Implements

The Land Care Robot was designed to be versatile with its dual 2" hitch receivers and optional category 1 3PT hitch. Autonomous task parameters such as turn radius, PTO RPM, and top speed can be adjusted to fit the constraints of the attachments / implements.

Estimate Range, Work Area, Runtime

Electric Tractor Attachments and Implements
Land Care Robot with PTO and 3PT

3-point Category 1 Hitch with PTO

Our electric PTO enables the use of a wide variety of existing implements, with smart activation and throttling during use. The PTO assembly attaches to our category 1 3PT hitch, with a built in lift actuator. The 3PT hitch can be easily mounted and removed on either side of the chassis.


48" Wide Finish Mowing Deck

Compact, quiet, and efficient, the mowing attachment leverages the robot's zero turn capability. It uses the same electric motor as our drive units and PTO, with a large thermal capacity allowing it to run for extended periods.

If you already own a PTO powered mowing deck, you can use it with our the 3PT hitch and electric PTO motor. We also offer electric conversion of certain gas powered decks.

Robot User Interface

Software Capabilities

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Our software allows the robot to perform land care tasks independently while allowing the human operator to easily transfer knowledge about the property and type of work. The Land Care Robot self monitors power consumption, re-charging from the sun as necessary and protecting battery life.

Operators can define and monitor land care tasks from anywhere using their smartphone through our secure cloud service. A simple drag and drop interface showing a satellite image of the property allows the user to define tasks, work areas, routes, and exclusion areas (hazards).

Our simulation service allows the user to execute what-if scenarios, try various parameters, and estimate runtime before re-charge, all before trying out the task on the field.


We have implemented several layers of safety in both our software and electronics to make the device safer. While there are limitations on what we can sense, the navigation suite tests sensor data for freshness and disables motion when a sensor is not responding or an obstacle is detected within a critical distance. We adjust direction many times per second, so the drive avoids any obstacle in its field of view before it gets close. In addition, we provide an easy way for the user to designate areas as off-limits.


Use Cases

Mow and Trim Haul Groom
Rural Property

Grass Areas
Brush Areas

Tools & Equipment
Debris, Dirt, Logs, Rocks

Property Roads
Paths & Trails

Planted Rows


Picked Fruit

Roads, mixed use areas


Fenced Paddocks
Other Grass & Brush Areas

Manure Transport & Spreading
Feed Transport

Outdoor & Indoor Arenas
Riding Paths & Trails


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Intensity (Examples)

Energy Supply

Energy Storage

Runtime (hours)


Area (acres)


Distance (miles)