Electrifying Land Care ®

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Introducing the Directed Machines Land Care Robot ®

An electric heavy-duty machine for utility scale solar sites, orchards and rural properties

Productive - Perform a wide variety of land care tasks (mowing, trimming, grading) more efficiently, with a robot that works under operator control or in autonomous mode. Control the robot directly from your smartphone or in “follow me” mode. Unsupervised, the robot works within predefined areas or routes, while avoiding obstacles.

Versatile - the robot is compact (50"x80") and operates in challenging terrains with zero turn capability. Supports existing implements and attachments with dual 2" hitch receivers and optional category 1 3PT hitch. An optional electric PTO mounts on the 3PT hitch.

Sustainable - The zero emissions, all-electric drive delivers 60 HP (45 KW) peak power and 1,400 ft. lbs of torque. An up to 30KWh battery bank offers hours of independent work, day or night, charged during daylight by a 450W solar panel. Optional 3KW inverter supplies backup power for home / tools.

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